COVID-19 Emergency Funds Request - Critical

UWLC Grant Funding Priority Area and Outcome your program meets: (Choose ONE Only)
Education - Increase percentage of children who enter school (kindergarten) ready to learn.
Education - Increase percentage of children reading on grade level by 3rd grade.
Education - Increase percentage of young people graduating from high school on time.
Income/Financial Stability - Increase income and assets, as well as job training for improved employability.
Income/Financial Stability - Help families meet transitional basic needs.
Health - Increase access to quality primary care (prenatal thru adult).
Health - Increase access to prevention programs.
Health - Decrease the rate of obesity in Lincoln County, both in children and adults.
If your grant request is only partially funded by the UWLC, will your project/program be able to move forward?
Is there a charge for your target audience to participate in the project?
Are you a 501c3 nonprofit organization, a government organization, a school or a faith-based organization?
Please list the source of funding and amount.

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