2024 Christmas Gala


Gray background with snow and stars and the words "Join us for a White Christmas! United Way of Lincoln County Christmas Gala 2024"


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The UWLC Annual Christmas Gala raises significant funds for our community through live and silent auction sales. The highest bids come from one-of-a-kind, bucket list, or experiential items and activities that offer bragging rights. Bidding wars ignite over items that can't be purchased in stores, such as handmade luxury goods, exclusive trips, private events, or sports tickets with suite access. The second highest bids come from items available in stores but typically considered splurges, like rare bourbon, jewelry, high-end grills, 4K TVs, and other electronics.
We cannot accept timeshares, shop-at-home events, or products and packaging that are used or damaged.
We will gladly pick up in-kind donations or arrange to obtain them from you by November 29. Our volunteers need the following week to prepare descriptions, create bid sheets, transport items to the venue, and set up auction tables; therefore, we will not be able to accept items after this date.