The Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) National Board will allocate the program’s Fiscal Year 2023 annual ($130 million) funding to jurisdictions (counties and cities) around the country. These funds will support local social service organizations dedicated to feeding, sheltering and providing critical resources to people with economic emergencies. These funds are for people with non-disaster related emergencies and can be used for a broad range of services.

The EFSP National Board allocates funds to local boards in qualifying jurisdictions using the most recent national population, unemployment and poverty data. Local boards then advertise the availability of grant funding in the community, review applications and award grants to organizations that provide services to those in need. Services can include:

  • Food, in the form of served meals or groceries.
  • Lodging in a mass shelter or hotel.
  • Rental or mortgage assistance to prevent evictions.
  • Utility payment to prevent service cut-offs.
  • Transportation costs associated with the provision of food or shelter.
  • Supplies and equipment necessary to feed or shelter people.

Lincoln County was awarded $10,018 in State Set Aside funding for Phase 40. If you are interested in applying for Phase 40 State Set Aside funding in Lincoln County, please fill out the application below to be considered by the Local Board. All applications are due by May 10th, 2023. Applications must be submitted to info@unitedwayoflincolncounty.org

For questions, please reach out to the local Board Chair at anthony.simpson@nccommerce.com.