Volunteer Opportunities



Asbury Resource Center: The ARC provides clothing, shoes, hygiene items and other essentials for Lincoln County students. Volunteer needs: help sorting and organizing donated items 

West Lincoln Resource Center: The West Lincoln Middle Resource Center is a satellite location to the ARC. The center offers food, clothing, hygiene kits, cleaning supplies and school supplies for Western Lincoln County students and their families in need. Volunteer needs: help sorting and organizing donated items 

CIS Resource Center: The CIS (Communities in Schools) Teacher Resource Center provides a large variety of school supplies and materials for Lincoln County students in need. Volunteer needs: help sorting and organizing donated items 

Moms of Munchkins: Volunteer needs – coordinating life-skills events and mentoring young adolescent moms. This primarily services moms in the Sunrise and Oaklawn communities  

Community Navigators: partner with United Way to help people experiencing hardships navigate through life and provide them with resources, financial coaching and much more. Financial assistance can be provided if organization is a UW financial assistance partner. 

Neighborhood outreach: partner with Sunrise & Oaklawn community to coordinate bible studies, youth development events, or become a scout volunteer for monthly activities  

Asbury Academy Mentor: serve as a mentor for kids at-risk kids at Asbury Academy School   

Foster Care Support: partner with DSS to support foster children’s needs such as, sponsor Christmas gifts, school supplies, extracurricular activities, etc.  

Homelessness Street Outreach: partner with Hesed House of hope to provide street outreach to those experiencing homelessness  

Substance Use Support groups: host a support group for those struggling with addiction  

Cultural Humility: partner with Untied Way’s DEI group to host community forum and trainings around cultural differences  

Christian Ministries: Denver & Lincolnton– meals on wheels program, soup kitchen, thrift store 

Amy’s House: Denver & Lincolnton: -volunteer at clothing closet to provide funding for Lincoln County Domestic Violence Center 

Thank you for your interest in supporting neighbors and communities. 

Volunteer needs change regularly. To learn about the most current opportunities fill out the interest form below and one of our staff will reach out directly.

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