Vinzant To Be Honored In Drive-Thru Celebration

Lincoln Herald - Staff Writer: Wayne Howard, March 7, 2021

Kathy Vinzant, who has served as Executive Director of the United Way of Lincoln County since 2012, will be retiring this month. She announced her pending departure from the job in October, and the search for her successor continues.

Vinzant has spent much of her life in public service--from Maine to New York to North Carolina, where she taught in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, then worked with the Lincoln County Coalition Against Child Abuse, and eventually spent the last eight years with the United Way.

The United Way will say goodbye with a drive-thru celebration next Tuesday (March 16th) 4 - 5:30 PM at the Asbury Resource Center, 221 Salem Church Road. It's a fitting location, since she and Rev. Ken Spencer, at the time pastor of Asbury United Methodist Church, worked with Mary Beth Avery, at the time principal at Asbury Academy. to develop the center in and older building on the campus. Vinzant was also the person who pushed for the West Lincoln Resource Center which opened last year at West Lincoln Middle School, modeled after the Asbury Resource Center.

Those who are planning to attend have been asked to respond by March 14th at

Vinzant asked us to publish the following, which she termed 'a personal note of THANKS and GRATITUDE'--

It is hard to imagine 17 years in non-profit in Lincoln County serving this amazing community.  Lives lost, lives touched, lives saved. New relationships, old relationships, and new friendships. I would like to personally thank each one of you for your service and commitment to this wonderful county in which we live. 2021 a new year begins. To all of you who have contributed and participated in the United Way in any form or fashion, supported anyone one of our 14 partner agencies, volunteered at a Day of Action, attended a luncheon, gala, annual meeting and celebration or volunteered at other events and projects throughout the year.  Thank you.

To the many people who have stepped up to take on leadership roles and those who say yes just because they were asked. Thank you. To our many Elected Officials, County Commissioners and Service Men and Women who serve Lincoln County. Thank you.   And to our local Media that captured so many stories along the way. Thank you.

Thank you to anyone who has a role in bringing up our children, taking care of our elderly, the sick and the dying, the hungry and homeless, the abused and battered, and our special needs population.  To our businesses that do so much for our community in contribution and in service. I do not know where our community would be without you. Thank You.

For anyone who serves on local clubs, ELBA, DABA, Rotaries, Chamber, School Board, Kiwanis, Helping Hands, Moms of Munchkins, and other service clubs. Thank you. To anyone who volunteered their time to speak, sing, play an instrument at United Way and other events that touched the lives of many through your words and testimonies. Thank you.

I am sitting here at my desk in awe of these past 17 years and speechless by the generosity of this community and the many people who serve. I do not have to mention any names I am sure you already know who you are, or the many other people I am referring to. I cannot possibly mention the thousands that touched my life along the way. There is no way I could mention you all as much as I would like to call you out by name. Just know I have each one of you forever etched in my heart. Thank you.

I think of all the people who supported United Way and our 14 member agencies through your service, donations, and time. Thank you.  To our agency directors and their staff for their hearts of gold. Thank you. To those who serve as Board Presidents, Board Officers and Board of Directors. To the families who sacrifice their own family time so they can help others.  Thank youI SALUTE YOU! To my most amazing and wonderful staff and Board of Directors thank you for going above and beyond to serve our Community.

And finally, thank you to my amazing husband and family who walked this journey with me. I am forever grateful for all you do in your service to our community and your support through the years. From the Price Is Right, The Inception of the CAC and Sally’s YMCA, the many Apple Festivals, ELBA, Denver Christmas Parade, LCCADV, agency board positions, and attending all the events with me and so much more. Thank you.

It has been my honor and privilege to serve as your Executive Director for the United Way of Lincoln County. I did not do it alone. It took a village. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity that forever changed my life.  My heart is overcome by so many emotions of pure Admiration, Joy, and Thanksgiving.  To God Be the Glory for this experience and for allowing me to serve alongside each one of you. Thank you!

--Kathy Vinzant

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