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Thank you for your interest in becoming a funded United Way of Lincoln County (UWLC) Partner Agency. 

To qualify to become a UWLC funded agency, new prospective agencies must have a completed New Agency Interest Form submitted and on file by the first Friday in March to be considered for funding during their next eligible grant cycle year.

Agency Approval Process:

  1. Complete the online interest form and meet the requirements according to policy 403. (Please note: Any exceptions to policy 403 must be approved by the UWLC Board of Directors.)
  2. Allocation committee will reach out to interview prospective partner agency to address any concerns and get further details.
  3. Allocation committee votes and sends to the board for final approval.
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Agency Mailing Address:
Agency Phone Number:
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Eligible Services

The Agency must offer programs directed toward addressing Health, Education, and Income needs to the residents of the UWLC service area in a meaningful fashion. Generally, an organization would not be considered that is organized primarily for religious or political purposes.  These categories are defined as follows:
  1. Religious:  support to propagate the faith of any particular religion or sect.  This does not include non-denominational services available to the public such as food banks.  Such an organization must clearly distinguish, in budget and program, a demarcation between its human/social services and religious services.
  1. Political:  substantial lobbying, non-human service related advocacy and/or partisan political activity so as to be eligible for tax exempt status.

If the below standards are not in place, agency must explain how the standard(s) is/are going to be met prior to becoming a funded partner agency or why the standard does not apply.

The Allocations Committee will review the New Agency Interest Form for how the standard(s) are or are not being met, how the standard(s) that are currently not being met will be met prior to your agency becoming a funded parter agency, or why the standard(s) does not apply.

The Allocations Committee will review your agency's submitted New Agency Interest Form and report their findings to the full board to be considered for funding in 2023/2024.

Documentation and Oragnization Standards
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Proposed Program/Service Information

UWLC Focus Areas:
  • Education
  • Health
  • Financial Stability
Your signature below is verification that your Agency has all of the above required standards in place, can be produced if requested or needed by the UWLC, and if standard(s) is/are not in place, plan(s) to meet standard(s) is/are documented or if standard(s) does/do not apply is/are documented.